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In addition to the conversational Latin, students can use sign language for “Slow down,” “Say again,” and “I need a break.” Inevitably, these signs make their way from Latin class into the rest of the classrooms. Classes at Wyoming Catholic College are meetings of minds, but minds come in bodies. Education demands the physical reality of opening our books, opening our minds, and opening our eyes, ears, and hearts to each other and to the truths we encounter together at the feet of history’s greatest writers, artists, and thinkers.

About 70% of annual precipitation occurs during late spring and summer mostly as thunderstorms.

Casper is a somewhat remote town supported mainly by the oil and gas industries (exploration, production, and refinement), and more recently by low-sulfur coal in the Powder River Basin to the north and east. Employment is steady but not oriented towards growth.

The city has a distinctly Western, almost boom-town feel, with a traditional downtown and suburban development encroaching upon the grasslands.

In clear contrast to the surrounding bluffs, downtown and most residential areas have lots of trees.

The area is noted for its wide-open spaces and friendliness.