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If I had to test every potentially useful tool before deciding not to use it, I would end up spending the bulk of my life testing. If some company wants to make money off me using their service, they better have a compelling pitch for why it’s worth me taking away time and attention from my work, family and friends — even if just temporarily.

Argument #3: Facebook will not take your time and attention away from things you currently find important because you can access it on your phone during times, like waiting in line, that would otherwise be wasted. Facebook, like most social media, is addictive, because it offers, at all points, the possibility of finding out something that someone is saying times will be reduced.

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Facebook essentially invented this new type of social connection. Some even use it as a replacement for a normal, in-person social life (usually, to their detriment). Argument #2: Facebook might offer you personal or professional benefits that you don’t even know about.

You cannot reject this service until you have tried it for a while. I find it to be an approach to managing the tools in your life.