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Harrison Wells’ daughter has been kidnapped, and he is forced to build a mysterious device for the supervillain Zoom.How far is he willing to go to keep his only child safe?

When Ron and Hermione readily agreed and apologized, Harry exploded and hexed his two dearest friends.I wrote this tale at the last minute to enter a couple of Christmas Challenges. This was a dungeon cell, and as far as cells goes, and particularly as far as dungeons of legend go, he was comfortable.My beta readers were all busy on other projects for me so I both wrote and proofread this myself. (Sends shivers down several people's spines.) Even though it had been over twenty-four hours since Snape had sentenced him to his room, Harry was still fuming about this injustice inside of his mind as he had from the start. "Only because Snape knows Dumbledore would sack him if he'd left me in bad shape.... " It was just after in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. Let's consider, for a moment, that some of the citizens of Halloween Town would, in fact, meet our definitions for being undead.Consider that there are citizens that look rather like corpses, such as the skeletons on the Hanging Tree and the family, along with Sally.