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I just can't keep accepting, ‘Oh we missed that one’ or ‘I apologize for doing that’ or ‘I didn't see it.’ That’s horse crap … A MCCONAUGHEY FAN I LIKE the Mc Conaughey Lincoln commercials. It was also Witten’s 154th consecutive start, tying a team record with Lee Roy Jordan. The players might, though, if forced to play more than the 75 minutes required under the current system. I saw no one “carried off.” There have been two ties in the past 33 game weeks. I just think making the NFL tie-free would add two or four series, on average, per year. THAT OBJECT IN BUFFALO Do we potentially have a new trend being set for Buffalo?

When you constantly see the hits, constantly see flags being picked up, and you constantly see flags getting thrown, and to see other quarterbacks getting hit, lesser hits, lesser physical hits, then it’s taking the fun for me out.” Mike Pereira, former league vice president of officiating, was blunt in his response. Have never been convinced that full-time officials would improve the game very much if at all. Play until you drop could not really be what you meant, right? In those two games, each team played five quarters. I can envision a Florida Panthers-like plastic rat scenario happening every time the Bills score. Talk about No Fun League, that’ll shake up Goodell a bit I can overlook the allegations that you are an NFL puppet mouthpiece.

Whether you're a stay at home mom seeking full-time work, a student looking for an easy part-time way to pay for school, an aspiring model, or you're just tired of working your tail off for peanuts, this may be the job for you!But on the same day Newton followed through with a vow to speak to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about what he contends is a lack of protection for him from game officials, the current and former NFL officiating czars made it clear they don’t think he has a case. It's an oasis of quiet in a series of loud, insulting commercials. For a league that pretends to care about player health and safety this would be the antithesis of caring.Newton’s complaint after Carolina’s win over the Cardinals: “At times I don’t even feel safe … You write about Fitzgerald achieving a new milestone, Gronkowski smashing through another level with a touchdown, but not a mention on Jason Witten making his 204th career start, breaking the Dallas Cowboys franchise record he shared with Ed Jones? A tie is not a cataclysmic event calling for a drastic response. There used to be ties in football games all the time back in the day and the league didn’t collapse. I was on the field as the game ended, and talked to five players out there.Snow White, star of 1938’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” is a tattooed boxer in one picture and flashing “Los Angeles hands” in another.Hua Mulan, the young female protagonist of 1998’s “Mulan,” is shown tearing up North Carolina’s notorious House Bill 2.