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Get ready to hear lover stories that begin with the couples fascination for sour cream, lots of chicken or veggies, rice and more sandwiched between good ol’ bread. You got that right, if you love greens and a bowl of salad is your go-to meal.

Salad match promises to take your love for salads to the next level by finding you a match that shares your love for leafy greens and light meals.

If there is any known implication this absence brings, it would be an increase in food wastage.

Alaska, meanwhile only requires date label on shellfish. According to senior advisor, Jenny Scott, of the Food and Drug Administration, federal statutes on date label will not be available anytime soon.

This is because date labeling is not considered a health issue.

More than 10 congressional bills were introduced from 1973 to 1975, all with a food-dating focus.

The result was the patchwork of federal and state food dating regulations that are still confusing consumers today [source: Sifferlin].