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If you want find your perfect playmate, take a few minutes to learn how to speak the language of Sugar Daddy dating. WSB Staff Regardless of whether you are a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Baby, if you intend to prevail in the sugar bowl (the Sugar Daddy dating game) you had better be able to speak the language fluently. She is breathtakingly beautiful, elegant, can hold a conversation with anyone about anything, and turns every head in the room when she walks into a black tie dinner.If there’s something we’ve missed please let us know. The following are just a few essential terms everyone needs to know. She has made Sugar Daddy dating her career and she usually needs a budget of at least ,000 a month just to cover the bare essentials. (See also: The Sugar Angel) - This term encompasses the Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby philosophy.

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An Arrangement is a negotiated relationship between a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy (the benefactor) and a Sugar Baby or Sugar Pup (the younger companion).

The benefactor agrees to financially assist the Sugar Baby or Sugar Pup in return for companionship.

Other definitions may apply in different circumstances and time periods which we do not include.

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