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Kardynal’s videos consist of split screen images: on the left are other Chatroulette users, who have been randomly connected to the performer, and on the right is Kardynal, a trim, bearded man, wearing a wig and a bikini, or some other skimpy, feminine outfit, writhing sexually while lip-syncing to songs like “Call Me Maybe,” “All I want for Christmas,” or “Wrecking Ball.” Get a dot Cal Calendar!Brandon Spikes, the Patriots linebacker and former Florida Gators star, is said to be naked in a video of a recorded Chatroulette interaction.In the video, a naked man is seen with a scantily clad woman in what is said to be a hotel room. According to Deadspin's emailer, the man does more than showcase himself to his Chatroulette partner -- he also communicates via the written word."let's play don't be shy" and "you make me wanna like your p---y," he allegedly writes.Chat Roulette is pretty much the original destination on the web if you want to meet and greet other people.Chat Roulette was actually created by a 17-year old kid who went on to sell it for a heap of cash.All in all, it's a good experience and I think everyone should have some gay cybersex at least once in their lives.Since the inception of Chat Roulette, there have been many clones and alternatives made to chat with strangers on the internet.

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Personally, I don't see pornography as cheating because there is no interaction.

Steven Kardynal’s transmisogyny is not like Gavin Mc Innes’s or the sort one encounters on Fox News. Watching his Chatroulette videos, it’s clear he wants you to laugh and have fun.

If you are a trans woman, or, for that matter, a woman of any sort, though, it’s hard to watch him without thinking the joke is on you.

You might find it hard to come across gay people to chat to, but as soon as you work out the interests feature it's not so hard.

Note that Chat Roulette was not designed to be used for gay guys, nor those that want to strip down and have a good time.