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The final analysis included 228 children (122 screened positive for ASD).The sensitivity (0.86), the specificity (0.80) and positive predictive value (0.88) were very similar to Robins et al. Maternal health problems during pregnancy and labour were found to be more significant for ASD mothers than their control.“My guess is, every Egyptian family contains an atheist, or at least someone with critical ideas about Islam,” an atheist compatriot, Momen, told Egyptian historian Hamed Abdel-Samad recently. How does one defy the oppression of displacement, especially when it has been forgotten by the world at large, as has that of the people of the Golan Heights?I currently do not take insurance.""We live in a fast paced world where we are constantly inundated with cultural messages(should & should nots), expectations and stimuli.I currently do not take insurance.""Offices in Palo Alto, Rockridge / Oakland & SF.

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In this coming-of-age story, 11-year-old Tarek – a Palestinian refugee to Jordan during the 1967 war – cannot fathom why he and his mother cannot go home to Palestine to reunite with his father.Break bread with Bedouins…or dine with the fishes in a restaurant aquarium. Don’t be too put-off by the prospect of travelling during summer though (July to August), as the cities are covered and air-conditioned.Tour an old spice market…or withdraw gold bars at vending machines. Very few countries have had as dramatic turnabouts in their fortunes as the UAE.The strength of the study is that it is the first known study where Arab countries undertook a collaborative mental health study using the same tool for screening for a specific disorder.To many travellers, the United Arab Emirates mean just one thing: a stopover.