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Relationship experts believe that 'cougars' - or women 40 years and above who prefer dating much younger men - are facing stiff competition from their younger counterparts, known as 'cheetahs.' They are essentially women in their 30s who while having a history of dating older men, are now settling for men who are in their 20s or just a few years younger than them.

"When we say age is just a number, we mean it," says Lifecoach Malti Bhojwani, commenting on this trend.

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Men in their 20s seem more mature than those in their 30s these days." Clinical psychologist and traumatologist Dr Seema Hingorrany, however, has a different take on it.

She says, "While I have come across examples of older women dating younger men, it's mostly kept under wraps.

"What I have noticed is that women in their 30s are breaking away from set society norms and going out with men who are younger to them." While the cougar has been on the prowl for a while now, her second cousin the cheetah is slowly gaining ground in dating territory.

Malti adds, "Often terms like 'cougar' or 'cheetah' are used in a derogatory manner - they are labels given by people who find it difficult to accept that today's women have the courage to break away from the traditional norms of dating someone their own age or older.