Aaron eckhart who is he dating

He attended a local high school but in the middle of the study, he chose to quit and took a three years break during which he spent most of his time surfing in Hawaii or skiing in France.

Moving to Australia with his family, he hardly plunged to the local culture before moving again to England, but in the end had to land the decision that he better attended college in the States.

Talking about his siblings he has two brothers and he is youngest.

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Woody Allen fans can start counting backwards from 364 again, while Sandra Bullock makes Ryan Reynolds suffer, which, after "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," has got to be a cause worth supporting.Aaron Edward Eckhart professionally known as Aaron Eckhart is an American film and stage actor. His mother is children book author and his father is a computer executive. The 46 years old actor was born to Mary Martha Eckhart (mother), and James Conrad Eckhart (father).But the beauty is adamant she's not going to be exchanging vows with Murciano just yet - insisting the rumours are false.Cole says, "No (we are not getting married), that was all speculative.